2011 Sydney Kung-fu and Tai-chi Festival

This great martial art event was organised by the NSW Chin Woo Athletic Association and took place on Sunday, 4th December 2011 at 1:30 pm at the Wilkins Public School, Park Road, Marrickville.

The audiences enjoyed the following awesome martial art shows performed by a total of 140 athletes.

Group and individual performances from the following groups, in no preferential orders, were Pei-Lei Chinese Wushu, David Choi Yau-Gong-Men, Da Hung Kung Fu Club, Australian Shaolin School, Shaolin Kung Fu School, Liu-He Ba-Fa Fitness Academy, Indo-Chinese Youth Sport Association, Wing Chun Academy , UTS KFC , Penny Gulliver of the Self Defence Academy, Master Zhang Song Wei of the former Shanghai Team and his students.