2015 NSW Chin Woo Celebration Event

The NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association and Pei-Lei Wushu Center will jointly hold a special dinner function to celebrate the 105th Anniversary of World Chin Woo and the 39th   Anniversary of NSW Chin Woo. This is also a special celebration event for Sifu Alice Dong, President of NSW Chin Woo, for her great achievement on the 8th Wushu Duan-Wei, and the NSW Chin Woo Wushu Team’s triumphant return from the 2014 World Chin Woo Championships in Shanghai, China.

The dinner function will be held at the Crystal Seafood Restaurant (Strathfield), Strathfield Plaza, 14 Churchill Ave Strathfield, NSW 2135 on Sunday 21/06/2015 at 6:00 pm. Entertainment programs include tai chi and kung-fu performances. Please spread the news and pre-purchase your dinner tickets ($60/person). Your donation or sponsorship for the development of NSW Chin Woo is greatly appreciated.

 Contact Tel: 0414281098 or email to: peileiwushu@hotmail.com