2023 End of Year Highlights

Highlights from 2023!

Thank you to all our wonderful members, athletes and organising committee for making 2023 a great year for NSW Chin Woo.

We’ve put together some photos from the events of the year and here is our President’s Report from our AGM:

January 1st, 2023: NSW Chin Woo members and performance team travelled to Nantien Temple to perform for the new year celebration. 20 athletes performed to represent NSW Chin Woo and Chinese martial arts.

January 20: NSW Chin Woo members and athletes performed for the Star City Casino New Year Gala, including a group performance of Gongliquan

January 22: A small group of NSW Chin Woo athletes performed in Chinatown for City of Sydney Council’s Chinese New Year celebrations

April 22: NSW Chin Woo organised and hosted an Open Day Workshop, which included performances of traditional Chin Woo forms and a workshop on Mizongquan, which was well attended by members.

April 23: NSW Chin Woo athletes performed traditional forms including Bengbuquan, Gongliquan and Baguadao at Buddha’s Birthday multicultural festival in Darling Harbour

June 11: Australian National Championships, NSW Chin Woo had a team representing Chin Woo Martial Arts. A group performed Mizongquan and received bronze for the group category, as well as individual performances.

August 13: President Dong attended the Eastwood Group 15 year anniversary, representing NSW Chin Woo.

August 23-28: NSW Chin Woo members represented Australia at the 9th World International Kungfu Championships in Emei, China. This was a good opportunity for Australian athletes to meet and network with other international athletes and represent Chinese Martial arts as practised in NSW, Australia.

September 14: President Dong attended a traditional Wushu seminar, organised by Hebei Bao Ding Chin Woo Association.
September 30: NSW Chin Woo members and athletes attended the Moon Festival Celebration organised by TCAA in Burwood Park, performing a mixed performance including Emeijian and Qinyanggun.

October 9: President Dong attended a meeting with Shanghai Chin Woo committee members including the new President and vice presidents in Shanghai, China. At the same time a meeting was held to discuss the 2024 Chin Woo competition categories. President Dong’s expertise was requested to consult on the standard of Wushu and Kungfu being represented by international Chin Woo federations.

October: NSW Chin Woo member and athlete Sherman Mak was announced as IWUF’s Athlete of the Month. This elevated the exposure of traditional martial arts as taught and practised in Australia.

October 22: Master Kevin Lo, a previous President of NSW Chin Woo, sadly passed away. All members of NSW Chin Woo expressed their great sadness and remembrances of his contributions to the Association. President Dong and members attended his funeral and memorial service, to offer condolences on behalf of the Association.

November 11: Members, family and friends came together to share food, socialise, share their kung fu skills with performances and dancing. It was a great end to the year!