NSW Chin Woo 14/6/2014 Dinner Function Report

2014_ChinWoo_Dinner_party          NSW Chin Woo Wushu Team for the 2014 World Chin Woo Championship

The NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association and Pei-Lei Wushu Center jointly held a celebrating function on the evening of 14/6/2014 at the Don Moore Community Centre, Carlingford. This was to celebrate the NSW Chin Woo Wushu Team going to compete at the 2014 World Chin Woo Championship in August at Shanghai, China. A large contingent of over 200 attendees came to support the celebration event including Masters Boun Lee, Wilson Chan, Raymond Wu, David Choi, Steven Yoong, Santo Ma and Ken Chow with their students, and the Pei-Lei wushu students. Invited VIP guests who were present included Councillor Le Lam of Auburn; Mr Hugh Lee, President of the Australian Asian Association of Bennelong (AAAB); Mr Hardi Lam, representative of the Singtao Chinese newspaper and Ms Arlene Cui, representative of the XKB Chinese newspaper. All attendees expressed well wishes to the NSW Chin Woo team to achieve excellent results in the championships, and enjoyed a fun night with entertainment programs include lion dance, tai chi and kung-fu performances.

Alice Dong, President of NSW Chin Woo mentioned in her speech that,

“The NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association has always given support and participated in activities promoting traditional Chinese wushu and culture, these activities have been documented in the NSW Chin Woo website. In recalling the 2012 World Chin Woo Championship in Tianjin China, a dedicated NSW Chin Woo wushu team of 30 members to attend the event was assembled, and the team achieved excellent results. Due to an inappropriate timing for the 13th World Chin Woo event this year in Shanghai, we have managed to assemble a smaller team of more than 10 members to attend the event. We are also lucky to obtain financial donations from our Honourable Chairpersons, Mr Tony Ma, Mr Henry Wong and Mr Jiang Ding for tonight’s function.  We sincerely thank everybody for your continued support for the NSW Chin Woo, and will continue to work hard to develop NSW Chin Woo”.

More photos of the dinner function