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The New South Wales Chin Woo Athletic Association Inc. has been established with the aims of promoting the Chin Woo spirit, uniting all martial art groups and schools, showing respect for each other and working together for martial art development and personal health improvements in Australia.

In 2021 there are various Tai Chi and Kung-Fu Classes at various location to satisfy the public communities in Sydney regarding fitness training for self-defence and health improvement. Please feel free to contact the following Martial Arts Masters for further information about these relevant classes.

NSW Chin Woo Association
NSW Chin Woo Term 2 Wu Shu training class will be held on every Wednesday night 8-10pm at North Ryde School of Arts Community Centre (201 Coxs Road, North Ryde) from 18/5/2022 onwards.
Instructors: Sherman Mak, Angela Mak
Class: Gong Li Quan revision, Stick and Sword techniques, Qun Yang Gun (群羊棍), Emei Jian (峨嵋劍)
Charge: $10 per class
Enquiry and register: Angela 0432310333.

Pei Lei Wushu Association
Master Alice Bei Dong
Location: Carlingford, Eastwood, Marrickville
Class: Tai Chi, Wushu (Kung Fu), Bagua Zhang
Mobile: 0414 281 098

The Tai Chi Centre Australia
Master Amanda Heidke
Location: Newcastle area – Adamstown, New Lambton, Kotara, Lambton, Fern Bay, Warners Bay, The Junction
Class: Tai Chi – Sun Style, Yang Style and combined forms. Weaponry – Bang, Fan, Jian. Qigong – Five Animal Frolics, Ba Duan Jin, Six Healing Sounds
Mobile: 0410 181 498

Master Boun Lee
Location: Canley Vale
Class: Chin Woo Kung Fu
Mobile: 0422 886 563

TK Martial Arts Academy
Master Chongwei Zhang
Location: PCYC Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, Gordon
Class: Kungfu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi
Mobile: 0468 952 605

Master David Choi
Location: Surry Hills
Class: Yau-Kung-Meng Kung Fu (Forms and Weapons), Kick Boxing
Mobile: 0410 521 094

Vital Step Martial Arts
Master Eric Wolven
Location: Chatswood
Class: Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tai Chi forms
Mobile: 0422 969 227

Master Dr Guoping Zhang
Class: Hong Style Tai Chi
Mobile: 0422 026 111

Harvey Lee’s Tai Chi Academy
Master Harvey Lee
Location: Campsie
Class: Tai Chi forms, Tai Chi push hands, Cannone fist forms, Weapons combat drills
and sparring.
Mobile: 0414 408 540 / 0413 065 968

Jing Ling Taichi Academy
Master James Gao
Location: West Ryde
Class: Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Push Hands classes. Forms and application
Mobile: 0415 270 703

Master James Huang
Location: Dundas Park
Class: Meihua Zhuang, Xingyi Quan
Mobile: 0410 871 577

JK Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy
Master Janos Konya
Location: PCYC Rockdale
Class: Wing Chun, Self defence
Mobile: 0491 632 594

Flowing Water Tai Chi
Master John Gough
Location: Sutherland Shire
Class: Yang Style Tai Chi, Sun Style Tai Chi
Mobile: 0459 130 001

Master Ken Chow
Location: Paramatta Park, Epping Boronia Park
Class: Dayan Qigong, Liu He Ba Fa Quan (Water Style Boxing), Self-Defence & Weapons
Mobile: 0416 308 686
Inner Strength Tai Chi

Master Ken Goh
Location: Sutherland
Class: Chen Style Tai Chi Old Form No 1, Push Hands
Mobile: 0404 462 657

Cangzhou Kungfu Academy
Master Mark Sun
Location: Chatswood, Eastwood
Class: Bajiquan
Mobile: 0402 387 893

Master Raymond Wu
Location: Lidcombe, Auburn
Class: Hung Quan, Chin Woo Kung Fu, Tai Chi
Mobile: 0423 543 528

YangZhao Taiji Australia
Master Sam Ruan
Location: Pyrmont, Parramatta
Class: Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Quan (particular focus on 85 forms)
Mobile: 0432 639 053

Master Scotty Lam
Location: Artarmon
Class: Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi, Wing Chun Kung Fu
Mobile: 0433 466 833

Yuan Lin Tai Chi Association
Master Stephen H Lin
Location: Belmore
Class: Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Weapons
Mobile: 0410 537 749
Wechat ID: SL243479334

Chinese Masonic Society
Master Stephen Yoong
Location: Surry Hills
Class: Martial Art
Mobile: 0411 199 113

Australia Da Hung Kung-Fu Association
Master Wilson Chan
Location: Hurstville
Class: Lion Dance, Kung Fu
Mobile: 0414 383 031

or contact NSW Chin Woo Association, email:

All Classes are held by our independent instructor members.
NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association Inc provides this directory as a service to our members’ convenience and does not constitute endorsement any associated organisation, product or service.