Class Details

The New South Wales Chin Woo Athletic Association Inc. has been established with the aims of promoting the Chin Woo spirit, uniting all martial art groups and schools, showing respect for each other and working together for martial art development and personal health improvements in Australia. In 2017 there are various Tai Chi and Kung-Fu Classes at various location to satisfy the public communities in Sydney regarding fitness training for self-defence and health improvement. Please feel free to contact the following Martial Arts Masters for further information about these relevant classes:

Pei Lei Wushu Association: Location: Carlingford, Eastwood, Marrickville Tai Chi, Wushu (Kung Fu) & Bagua classes Mark Sun Location:  North Rocks Bajiquan mobile: 0402 387 893 Boun Lee Location:  Canley Vale Chin Woo Kung Fu mobile: 0422 886 563 David Choi Location:  Surry Hills Yau-Kung-Meng Kung Fu (Forms and Weapons) and Free Fight Kick Boxing / Sanda mobile: 0410 521 094 Raymond Wu Location:  Japanese park Hung Style Boxing, Chin Woo Kung Fu and Tai Chi mobile: 0405 452 382 Stephen Yoong Location:  Ashfield Chin Woo Kung Fu mobile: 0411 199 113 Wilson Chan Location:  Hurstville Lion Dance & Kung Fu mobile: 0414 383 031 Guo Ping Location:Strathfield Park Chen Style Tai Chi mobile: 0404 053 218 Ken Zhou Location:  Paramatta Park,Epping Boronia Park mobile: 0416 308 686 or contact Alice Dong, Mobile: 0414 281 098 or email:

All Classes are held by our instructor members.